Jenny Thorburn

I work with what I find in my environment; observing, drawing, collecting, recording, scavenging, exploring, researching, analysing, imagining. My interests are particularly the countryside, landscapes and nature, including human interventions in these places. My activities are grounded in the materiality of stuff; the process of making; the autonomous behaviour of the materials themselves; and the interactions between the two.
I make work by drawing, oil painting, collage, assemblage and woodblock printing. I also use text and mapping.

My next exhibition will be at the Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted in October 2018

I have published a small book of my woodcuts for the Exhibition, 'Frith' which can be bought from me, or through I also have a book of text and photographs of my sculpture called 'Gas Marker'.

I have a shop on Etsy called FallstheShadow, where I sell my prints and smaller items. Alternatively, and for other work (paintings)please contact me via the contact page of this website.